Dead Space 3: Taking Down The Terror Has Never Been Better!

Dead Space 3: Taking Down The Terror Has Never Been Better!
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When we talk about Dead Space we are talking about a universe where mankind has become a scavenger for resources, a religion built around a ridiculous belief which never ends well and how one man is always getting caught in the middle of it all without having to even try. Isaac Clarke only had one wish, to be reunited with his long distance girlfriend and from there on everything went downhill for the unfortunate engineer.

While the Dead Space games have always been well received, gotten plenty of praise worthy reviews and always release some tantalizing content that lead up to the release of each of their games in the form of a comic, a game or even an animated movie I can easily say that Dead Space is one of my favorite IP’s in the science fiction genre and the content surrounding this game is proof of that.


If you haven’t played any of the previous Dead Space games I suggest you watch the trailer below:

Otherwise I would highly recommend you play the original games first and come back to this game for the full experience.

Spoilers of the previous games follow Below:

Dead Space 3 takes place after the events of “Titan Station” and it sees Isaac being single and full of regret over his decision to not aid Ellie in her quest to put a final stop to the markers, but Isaac who is all too familiar with the markers and their effects, he sees that Ellie’s quest is one where he cannot pursue her and the love birds decide to part ways. Shortly afterwards Isaac is witness to a fresh marker outbreak in a new colony where he has come to call home and soon becomes caught in the cross fires of the Unitologists who are looking to take him out of the picture completely so that he doesn’t interfere with their master plan and Isaac ends up being saved by the people whom Ellie has been working with only to discover that Ellie has gone MIA during one of their missions. This is the most I can tell you of the story without divulging any further spoilers and believe me when I say that this time around the story of Dead Space 3 is full of life and it VERY well written and thought out! If you want the ultimate union between story and gameplay in a Dead Space game then 3 is just the sequel you have been waiting for!

In addition to an immerse storyline with plenty of twists and turns to keep you guessing you will also want to take time to explore the “optional” missions / objectives, these really make the game more enjoyable and add to the story in many ways and perhaps might even answer a question or two.

The optional story missions are a welcome addition but the added bonus of exploring the world once again with John Carver alongside Isaac in the coop campaign adds more content and a new experience to the game that will definitely enrich your original experience of the game and show you a lot more stuff that you ordinarily wouldn’t have been able to see due to the lack of a partner. The way the coop has been utilized in this game is an absolutely amazing move and it just isn’t “tacked” on, the cooperative experience is one you will NOT want to miss out on! The adventures that Isaac and John face together (including the optional missions) are one that you will definitely WANT to explore and will be glad that you did.


Game play:

From Dead Space 1 & 2 we saw a simple style of combat, pick up weapon, point and shoot and reload. But this time around the developers have decided to take a different route in the game itself,

1) You no longer have to rely on weapon specific ammunition and the game adopts the “universal” ammo approach ala Mass Effect.

2) You now have freedom in making some absolutely amazing weapons, there is no more money or power nodes in the game and now players are given the freedom to make whatever weapons they can with complete freedom! (given you have the proper equipment and requirements to build said weapons or blueprints) For instance you can make a force gun which upon impact would launch a shot of stasis at the necromorphs it hits. There is almost a nearly unlimited freedom of choice in building the perfect weapon and with the right combination you can breeze through any difficulty level and difficult moments in the game as long as you still remain cautious and vigilant of your surroundings and don’t let your guard down, you will be able to cut down the mightiest of necromorphs in as little as 2 shots of a certain weapon build.


Isaac is more fluid this time around, while still lacking the capability of “jumping” Isaac is now able to crouch and roll to be able to present himself as more of a challenge to necromorphs but in the early chapters this really isn’t of much use since you spend most of your gun fights in tight corridors but comes to use later on in the game when you have make use of the cover system.

Another welcome change to this game is the removal of multiplayer and the addition of “co-op” After you have tackled the single player story as the lone wolf you can get back in the saddle with a friend who will accompany you through your new journey as “John Carver” and not only do you get to explore the game world yet again from a fresh perspective but you also see many new cutscenes, find out new secrets and many other new elements to the story! I would HIGHLY recommend you jump into the cooperative story line straight after beating the singleplayer story line because it is WELL worth the experience and can you give as long as 4-5 hours of additional gameplay! The reason I encourage you to play the singleplayer experience first over the cooperative is because the singleplayer is meant to be played at your own pace and the burden of a partner will only keep you from enjoying that.

Unfortunately the co-op is only “online” and not local. Meaning you will have to know a friend who actually has the same game on the same platform as you but seeing the reception of this game I wouldn’t think that would be too much of a problem.

The game has sadly drifted away from the survival horror roots and has taken to a more “action” oriented approach so that there are more shootouts between Isaac and the unitologists and at times necromorphs, but while the loss of survival horror does come as a bit of a disappointment it makes up for it significantly once you actually get addicted to the game and soon you would hardly notice the element being absent.

If none of the above sounds appealing to you then you can always look to the many other difficulty options of the game unlocked after beating the game once including a difficulty titled “Classic Mode” where players will be able to go back to the roots of Dead Space 1 and won’t have to deal with the cover based combat of Dead Space 3.

The game is has many cinematic and zero gravity situations, the smooth transition between cut scenes and in game is silky smooth and is still the traditional way of Isaac’s suit shedding its helmet to address the people talking to him and ends with his helmet reassembling itself which is still an amazing work of animation (and one of my personal favorites)

Graphics and Sound:

The graphics of Dead Space 3 are truly a marvel, whether you are inside the dark, dingy corridors of a spaceship, looking out the giant windows to admire the wasteland outside or are flying around in zero gravity to admire the enormous void of space itself is an absolutely stunning sight for the eyes, it only gets better when enter the icy planet of Tau Volantis and see the real beauty of the game through the various stages.

Even though the PC version is a “console” port the game looks absolutely stunning on the “Very high” settings it runs at a solid 30FPS even on the most basic of modern day systems without breaking much of a sweat and the action stays the same. This is indeed a very well optimized port of the game and is a good balance of beauty meets performance, while don’t expect this game to compete on the graphical level of say “Crysis 3” or any other game it is still a very gorgeous game.

The sound design for the game is just as menacing, the sounds of necromorphs jumping out of walls and ventilation shafts can still shock you especially if you play using headphones. You will hear the many sounds of Isaacs’s suit, the space ships surrounding him and other such wonders as you wander the game. I highly recommend that you play this game with a good set of headphones because some of these sounds are simply amazing, especially the shrieks and howls of some of the newer enemies are especially spine chilling and are definitely going to catch you off guard.

Final Thoughts:

Dead Space 3 was a game I had high hopes for and the game safely broke all my past expectations and exceeded them! I am very impressed with my initial playthrough and loved the cooperative experience of the game to much of my finding. The game offers ton of entertainment with a campaign that can take as long as 8-9 hours on the easiest difficulty setting (even longer on the higher difficulty settings) and throw in the additional content of “optional” missions and objectives and the cooperative campaign giving you a new perspective of the same story this is one game you will definitely want to explore to your fullest.

You are looking at a game with over a dozen hours of content ready for you to explore and I would call this one of the best games in the series as of now! I would highly recommend this game and encourage you to at least give a shot because it is definitely worth it!

Rizwan Anwer

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