GamingIO is by Gamers above all, not some rented out freaks who just write about games and do not actually play them. The claims to online ownage may be suspect but we give everyone the benefit of the doubt.

A bunch of us met regularly on Steam and then after much deliberation (ganking Dota  style) we decide on which games we want to play or what gaming hardware , event or funny videos are on. One day we concluded we should just write it out for everyone. There is too much stuff to check out and too much chat spamming “Hey you gotta check out this sh*t its totally awesome…”

Eventually Our ranks of elite (noobers) who write f’awesome content started growing rapidly. While some of us are still getting our stuff together, most of have started contributing. If you are a gamer and want to start writing, checking out unreleased games and drool-worthy hardware yet unseen by the common masses … write to us. We’d be glad to have folks on board. Add us on Steam, Facebook or Twitter. Subscribe by email to get all posts delivered to your inbox. Every gamer is welcome to contribute even their own piece. Do not worry how well you write, our editors are standing by to help edit.

We are totally dedicated to getting our own stuff and games, writing for all gamers and hopefully bringing them together to discuss and improve our collective Gaming experience.

At GamingIO, we are not aiming to be just-another-news-reviews site because that is not worth it at all. We really want to “Unite Gamers”. Over the coming weeks we will be improving on this task by allowing you to join clans or start a team yourself, have your own forum for your group without hassle.
Along the same lines we will cover gaming events and tournaments.

The Team:

We have a small team of 5 people. One coder, one admin one editor and 2 awesome contributors. We have just begun and we believe when you join us you are also part of the team.


Rizwan Anwer  (rizwan AT gamingIO DOT com)
– PC, PS3 and Wii-U


Hassan M Syed – Gaming Hardware (Guest writer)

Noman S – General Gaming, Hardware and Smartphone/Tablets

Abhishek D – PC, XBox 360, Online gaming and Development


Join us:

Gamers, tell us what you like/dislike. What games/hardware you’d like reviewed. Tip us on some sliver of news/rumor you might have heard so we can investigate.
Do you want to write and be featured? Yes it can be done. Just get in touch with us.
Developers and Publishers or manufacturers. Contact us to send us review units and game key codes for review or trailers/screenshots of in-development stuff. We will totally be all over it. Ignore any rumors about one of us perishing in a fist fight for keys.

Hardware reviews: If you’d like our expert in-house hardware guy to review any hardware please contact us for shipping address. Feel free to call us at one of the numbers listed in the contact page.


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GamingIO forums is going to be the place where we can discuss everything (legit) under the Sun without looking over our shoulders. Community moderated and completely run by the members on what should and should not be there.

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