Steam Winter Sales 2015 best of discounts

Highlight: All these games are under $10 or $5 today! They are atleast at 75% discount or they don’t make it here.

I recently purchased Mad Max for myself when it was at 50% off. Then I found today it’s 66% off. Considering the quality of the game it is a definite buy at 66% off. This post will discuss some of the best games that are on Sale under Steam’s “Winter Sale” that happens to be giving away some of the best discounts on major titles. In no order of preference.

Note: Prices are in Singapore Dollars for me. It is about 1.4 times that of USD. You can back calculate, can’t you?

Wolfenstein: The New Order


Original Price: S$55

Discount: 85% S$8.25

This game was released only in May 2014. It is not only visually modern it is the same gruesome Wolfenstein we have known for years. Although it is now owned by Bethesda and not an ID Software production, they have done a pretty good job of making the story and characters. Since it’s Bethesda expect Character faces and bodies to look cartoonish and no Multiplayer, but otherwise it has GamingIO’s Stamp of Must Buy for all collectors of FPS.


Metro: Last Light Redux

Original Price: S$20

Discount: 75% S$5

Who hasn’t played it yet? You’re missing out! This is how games with stories should be made. This is the graphically improved version of the game Metro Last light, a sequel to Metro 2033. It is not only fun playing, the story is great, keeps you on edge and very immersive. Everyone who has played it wishes that the story could go on and we wait for the next great story. It is based on a book that is worth reading. There is no trailer or gameplay video that can do it justice. I leave it for you to go find out about Metro 2033 which has been in Humble Bundle as well as Metro Last Light. By the way you do not need to have played or know about Metro 2033 to continue the sequel. You can still enjoy the game. If you liked Last of us, you will love this.

You can get Metro 2033 Redux as well at S$5


Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition

Original Price: S$39

Discount: 75% S$10

Dark souls…well. The game lowest difficulty setting must be Nightmare. I have never played this game but I constantly watch gameplay videos and wish I’d get the time to start his but never actually get to it. Also the fact that I think it might scare me sh*tless may have something to do with it.


Other Games at their lowest pricing (steals) :

Far Cry 3 and FC3 Deluxe edition @ less that S$10

Just Cause 2 85% off @ only S$2.24 , Asia only – Just Cause 1 + 2 + DLC for S$3.58

Wither 2 : Assassins of Kings EE  with 85% off @ S$3.0


Since Steam gives out regional sales YMMV.  Share the best deals you have seen in the comments and help us out.

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