Destiny Open Beta available now from Online stores! Download away.

Destiny Beta is now open to all as of July 24th. Bungie studios who broght us Halo are behind this awesome looking multi-platform action multiplayer which is sure to get at least most of the regular Halo gamers giving it a shot. Early review are looking good from the closed beta and now you get to play the Beta without codes.


To play the Beta all you need to do is login on your Console Xbox 360, Xbox one, Playstation 3 or Playstation 4 and search for “Destiny Beta”. Install and enjoy. On the FAQ page it is noted that there may be some freebies and give-aways during this open beta.

The release date for the Full version is slated for 9th September 2014. It is out for Preorder now!

Let us know what you find. Meanwhile here is the gallery of screenies.

Unlike Titanfall these screens are not concept art my friend!



Why are you still staring at screenshots. Go download it now!! It’s not often we get to Demo this stuff.

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