Windows Phone 8.1 To Sport Notification Center, Personal Assistant & Much More

While Android and iOS are sitting on top of all the underdogs, new comers and some oldies. Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 platform plummets itself in the underdog category. The so-called underdog has been slowly gathering a fan-base and market share of it’s own, obviously not enough to directly challenge both iOS and Android but good enough in it’s own right. Windows Phone 8 has been often criticized as being too limited for the user, even more so than Apple’s iOS.

Windows Phone 8.1 concept

Windows Phone 8.1 concept

With that said, it seems the rumour mill has brought something ‘sweet’ for the Windows Phone fans out there. It seems the upcoming Windows Phone 8.1 build, codenamed ‘Blue’ will sport some much needed features that the platform needed, and the features that were requested. Among those features is a notification panel, which will perform the same as it does on Android and iOS, such as a long swipe from top opens it, and also provide access to quick settings via shorter swipe like Ubuntu Touch. The long rumoured ‘Cortana’ personal assistant will finally debut in this build – it will replace Bing as the default search interface, allow users to interact with voice or text input, and have conversational interaction and the ability to learn context-aware data, such as reminding users of their appointments. Also in the package are separate volume controls, VPN support, Bing Smart Search and many more features.

Microsoft is also said to separate built-in music hub, Xbox Video and Xbox Music will ship as separate apps, and rightly so. It will allow updates to video and music parts of the system regularly. More built-in apps are said follow suit. Also social integration will be further enhanced with Microsoft to allow social apps such as Twitter and Facebook to extend ‘People’s Hub’ further in Windows Phone 8.1.

Meanwhile, Nokia is hard at work developing two interesting smartphones, again. One smartphone, codenamed ‘Goldfinger’ will sport ‘3D Touch’ system that detects “off-the-glass interactions, while the other device, codenamed ‘Moneypenny’ said to take advantage of the on-screen buttons that Windows Phone 8.1 is expected to introduce.

Windows Phone 8.1 is supposed to be announced at the Build 2014 Conference, but the time frame for to be available to consumers is unknown at this point. We speculate a late 2014 time frame. The wait might be long, but the end product is surely to be extremely polished and well feature packed, so the wait might just be worth it. Android and iOS better watch this growing underdog closely.

Source: The Verge 

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