Samsung Reportedly Working On A 20MP Camera Module For The Galaxy Note 4

The tenure of Samsung’s Note family in the ‘phablet’ market is nothing short of a big success, with the launch of the Galaxy Note 3, Samsung has pushed further than before. It’s not have been full 6 months and the rumor mill is on the uproar with a new found bit on the next Galaxy Note device.


The latest bit is more on the camera side, as the source believes Samsung’s Mobile Advanced Development team is working on a 20MP camera unit for the Galaxy Note 4. Not only is it believed that it will be better than the 16MP camera on the upcoming Galaxy S5, it is also said to be in equal footings with it’s competition. We have no word whether the new camera unit will sport OIS (Optical Image Stabilization), but with the pace the market is going, OIS is a must. The Galaxy S5 camera unit is large believed to lack OIS, but we’re quite unsure about this one. Samsung has set a goal to ship the 20MP camera module by mid-2014, in time for the Galaxy Note 4 launch.

With that said, we do hope Samsung includes some unique perks to this camera module and hopefully increase the image quality of the camera module rather than just increase the megapixel count. Camera’s on smartphones have been in increasing competition, with Nokia currently holding the crown. Could this camera module stuck it up to Nokia and the others, or still remain one short of them? Let us know your thoughts.

Source: ET News

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