Samsung Galaxy S5 To Sport Fingerprint Sensor?, Benchmarks Also Leaked

The upcoming Samsung Galaxy S5 is proving too much to handle for the rumor mill, the sheer amount of rumors concerning the device are staggering to say the least. With that said, we have some interesting bits of rumors regarding the Galaxy S5, that would really stir up some interest in your inner geek.

Starting off with the ‘obvious’ rumor of the bunch, Johan Carlstrom, CEO of Fingerprint Cards reckons Samsung to go big on touch scanning technology. And we all know there is no better stage for the technology to debut than it’s very own Galaxy flagship. Although the the story has received quite a slandering, due to a false story that claimed Samsung intends to buy Fingerprint Cards, which is now the subject of an official fraud investigation. Regardless, with Apple’s TouchID technology in the tow, we expect Samsung to follow it.


According to some sources, ODM Catcher Technology (Taiwan), BYD (China) and Ju Teng (Taiwan) have been assigned to manufacture 10 and 30 million unibody metal shells for the next Galaxy device, presumably the Galaxy S5. Also leaked are some good ol benchies, or benchmarks. The app in question is GFX Bench. According to the Benchmark, the device is tested is designated a model name Samsung GT-G900s, the chipset used is Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 800 quad-core SoC clocked at 2.46GHz, and a screen size of 5-inches with a resolution of 2560 x 1440, resulting in monstrous pixel density of over 560ppi. If this indeed is a Galaxy S5, then it probably is an LTE variant. Although it is quite odd to see the Snapdragon 800 SoC here, considering by the time of it’s launch the chip will be relatively old. It is possible we are looking at an early prototype.


The Galaxy S5 is rumored for an early 2014 launch. Companies such as HTC and LG are already recovering back some market share, and Windows Phone 8 is somewhat troublesome, with the most coming out of Apply. Samsung better have innovations to boasts to beat the competition.

Source: Gsmarena, Vr-zone

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