Leaked AMD Roadmap Suggests 2015 Release Date For ‘Carrizo’ APUs, And No New FX CPU’s

AMD announced officially updated their roadmap last month, and announced the long rumored ‘Kaveri’ lineup of APU’s along with with ‘Beema’ and ‘Mullins’ desktop and mobile processors for next year. Additional information in the form of a leaked roadmap shows AMD’s plan for the next two years.


According to the slide, AMD is planning to launch Kaveri and Beema APUs in 2014, followed by Kaveri’s successor ‘Carrizo’ in 2015. As evident from the leaked roadmap, the Carrizo APUs will pack the new high-performance ‘Excavator’ cores based on the x86 modular core design, pushing performance to the next level. The Carrizo APU will feature AMD’s next-gen Radeon graphics, along with with an improved GCN architecture, which in it’s own say will be next-gen. The next-gen GCN implementation will allow support for DirectX 11.2, Mantle, OpenGL 4.3 and True-Audio. Just like Kaveri, the Carrizo APU will also support FM2+, along with PCI-Express Gen 3 and next level HSA programming model. The new and efficient architecture of the Carrizo APU will allow all top-tier SKUs to be configurable around 65W. In terms of sheer performance comparison, the Carrizo APU will far out-performance the Kaveri APU. Currently Kaveri APU runs Battlefield 4 on 1080P without any discrete GPU, so we can only guess the sheer performance the Carrizo APU will pack.


Good it maybe, but Intel will still leave the Carrizo APU behind in technological advancements. AMD’s A88X and A78X ‘Bolton D4′ will support the FM2+ socket, but that mean sticking to some current generation technologies. Similarly, Intel’s Skylake platform will feature the new PCI-Express Gen 4 interface, Thunderbolt, DDR4 and SATA Express, all of which will be left out from Carrizo APU. Last but not the least, it is expected of the new ‘Excavator’ core to be based on the 20nm die just like Intel’s Skylake, but it is also suggested that it could feature a much optimized 28nm variant with new architecture. This doesn’t mean Carrizo won’t hold it’s own against Intel, because like it or not, the new Carrizo APU won’t just tremble in the face of new tech as AMD has indicated it to be a beast of a performer.

Moving on to the said or interesting part, whichever way you may take it. The absence of the FX processor lineup suggests AMD will not be updating the their lineup and the ‘Vishera’ parts will continue to exist till 2015, tops. AMD has fully turned it’s focus to it’s APU lineup, and it seems that even the chances of ‘Steamroller’ core based FX processors coming out are slim.

Source: Hardforum

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