Jolla Sailfish OS Coming To Android According To CEO

In the era of Android, Windows Phone, iOS and Blackbery, it is easier to forget smaller names such as Sailfish. The Sailfish OS is a relatively new mobile OS, which was announced a year. The project is headed by a bunch of ex-Nokia employees.


While certainly on the impressive side, the Sailfish OS, we can’t help but wonder if Jolla will manage to get some sales figure out of their phone, and will the Sailfish OS garner popularity? Fortunately for those who are willing to give the Sailfish OS a go, but don’t want to spend a dime on the Jolla phone. The CEO of Jolla, Tomi Pienimäki has announced that the company will allow you to sideload its Sailfish OS to any Android device you might have. He goes on to the say that demand for installing aftermarket OS on cellphones is high in regions like China.

That is the plan. We are on device business and OS business. It is fairly easy to install the OS on Android devices.

There is no such culture in these parts of the world [Finland], but there are people that are installing new operating systems on their devices. In China it is mainstream. About half of the smartphone buyers are upgrading their older or cheaper devices with a better version of Android.

For us it is a possibility to distribute our operating system especially in China. There are websites that already distribute [OS] software and the Chinese customers are doing it ­so we don’t have to teach them. We just have to get Sailfish to those websites – and to make sure that Sailfish will run on different kind of Android devices.

The idea isn’t new here, we have already seen it happening with Ubuntu before. Nevertheless, it is a good initiative by Jolla, users willing to try won’t have to churn out €399 for it. The gesture heavy UI is certainly intriguing and worth a try.


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