Intel Haswell-E To Debut At Computex 2014 For A $1000 Price-Tag

Intel took the wraps of Ivy Bridge-E chips couple of months, the much speculated chips were nothing ground-breaking, and almost barely outperformed the Core-7 4770K. Though there was a marginal improvement over it’s Sandy Bridge-E counterpart, but again not much to warrant an upgrade. Chances are you might be underestimating the upcoming Haswell-E platform. Fret not, it has some impressive new technology to hype up your inner geek.

Image courtesy VR-Zone

Image courtesy VR-Zone

Making it’s way in the market along with the Haswell-E parts would be the X99 chipset, which will feature full support for DD4-2133MHz, USB 3.0 and upto ten 6GB/s SATA Ports.. The new chipset will compliment the Haswell-E platform, and will feature Hyper-Threading, PCI-E 3.0, 3D Transistor technology and Turbo Boost 2.0. Though, it is worth noting that the Haswell-E parts will be based on the 22nm manufacturing process, same as it’s predecessor.

The Haswell-E parts will be split into ‘X’ and ‘K divisions, with the former being the flagship SKU with 8-cores, while the latter will feature 4-6 cores depending on the model. The details are still flimsy, but it is expected of Intel to remove the wraps off the platform at Computex 2014. As far as pricing is concerned, the flagship Haswell-E part with 8-cores will cost as much as $999.

The Haswell-E parts certainly sound promising with DDR4 and PCI-E 3.0 support, but until real-life benchmarks are compared, we will hold off our opinion on the part, since Ivy Bridge-E parts almost barely managed to beat Intel’s desktop Haswell flagship, the Core-i7 4770K. It is worth noting that Intel Ivy Bridge-E and Haswell-E parts are said to account less than 5% of Intel’s shipments by the end of 2014. If you’re tempted by the platform, better start saving up for the platform, because as pointed above, it will not come in cheap.

Source: Digitimes

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