EVGA Officially Announces The GTX 780Ti Classified Kingpin Edition

As you may remember, EVGA teased the GTX 780Ti KPE a while ago, while the release date was not confirmed but December launch was speculated. With that said, EVGA has officially removed the wraps off the GTX 780Ti Classified Kingpin Edition.


The EVGA GTX 780Ti Classified KPE is somewhat of a unique GPU. The premium Classified branding along with some of Kingpin’s tinkering really makes it one monstrous performer. The card already shattered the 3D mark performance record held by the GeForce GTX Titan with a voltage of 1.5V and LN2, with no additional modding whatsoever. It managed an impressive figure of 8439 3D Marks in the FireStrike benchmark.


On the technical side, the GPU sports the same GK110 core found in both the GeForce GTX Titan and the GTX 780, albeit the one on the GTX 780Ti is fully unlocked. It features 2880 CUDA cores and a fully custom PCB. The VRAM remains the same at 3GB, instead of the reported 6GB. It packs an impressive 14+3 phase VRM design, coupled with overclocking features such as enhanced PLL circuitry, on-board voltage readout points along with on-board voltage status LEDs. Aside from that, it also has an EVBOT connector that allows users to overclock and tune they card as they deem fit. To give you an example of it’s monstrosity, the card is able to pull of a 1.8GHz clock on LN2.

The card features EVGA’s custom ACX cooler, but with unique touches to give it a distinct look. The heatsink itself has three aluminum fin blocks which are inter-connected via 5 or 6 heatpipes. EVGA has also developed a separate base plate for PWM cooling, and it obviously comes with a backplate which is custom designed and features the ‘K|NGP|N’ logo. Adding more excitement to this already exciting news, Jacob Freeman of EVGA has mentioned it’s more than just a logo.


Pricing and availability hasn’t been revealed yet, but we’ll keep you updated on both of these, along with the juicy piece of info Freeman mentioned.

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