AMD Says “FX Is Not EOL”, No Future Endeavours Planned Though

Just a couple of days ago, a leaked AMD roadmap shed some details on the upcoming APU’s, their specs and release dates. Although APU’s were considerably detailed, there was no sign of AMD’s FX processors on the leaked slide, suggesting that AMD called quits with platform.

It seems the leaked roadmap was quite a shocker for people inside AMD as well. According to interview conducted by Gamers Nexus of AMD’s Manager of APU/CPU Product Reviews James Prior, the AMD FX lineup isn’t going anywhere. He goes on to question the authenticity of the leaked roadmap, and says he has never seen it before.

“I’ve never seen that slide before, I don’t know where that came from,” quickly followed-up by stating that “it’s not real. FX is not end-of-life.”


Prior points out that AMD’s roadmap in no more than an year into the future, and the leaked slide is no way near authentic. The current roadmap states that the 32nm ‘Vishera’ processors will be around for another year or so, with no major refresh or processors based on the existing platform planned. The gap between AMD’ FX lineup and Intel’s Haswell is quite considerable and Intel wins by quite a margin. Even so, the FX lineup is quite a value for money, with the FX-9370 running for a cheap $200. AMD’s commitment to the FX lineup sounds quite shaky, and we aren’t convinced about their commitment to high-end processor market, which Intel dominates.

The leaked roadmap

The leaked roadmap

If AMD is serious about not abandoning the FX lineup, a serious performance and chipset revamp could just be their cue for the spotlight. DDR4 and such are just around the corner, and a major update instead of a smaller one can do wonders for the FX lineup. We’ll just have to wait and see what AMD has planned for the FX lineup.

Source: Gamer Nexus

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