Twitch has Pulled PlayRoom Streams for PS4 For the Time

Some shocking news has just rolled in as Twitch has Pulled PlayRoom Streams for PS4 For the Time, PlayStation 4’s PlayRoom was supposed to be a higher level of streaming games to allow potential streamers and returning streamers to be able to interact with their audience on a higher level and on a more personal a level, what instead happened turned out to be the shortlived life of the service when many users chose to break the rules by doing heinous acts such as a man showing his wife nude and people persisting on making non-gaming related streams which is against Twitch’s rules.

The PlayRoom has been temporarily pulled from Twitch until Sony and Twitch determine a suitable time for the service to make a return, but for now, you will have to go back to the OG streaming days until the return of the PlayRoom.

The PlayRoom was a shortlived service for the PlayStation 4 when Twitch, the supporting stream service had revoked access to it when instances such as the below came to surface: (Taken from Here)

a couple sat on their overstuffed couch, allegedly drinking to unconsciousness. One lifted up his unsconscious partner’s shirt, exposing her breast for about 15 minutes. After a brief blackout, the broadcast returned, with the woman completely naked, presumably stripped by her companion.

And another instance

“I just saw a guy with a horse head motorboat a lady, next gen indeed,” wrote this GAFfer. “Same people now have a shotgun out,” replied this member.

“Same people now have a shotgun out,” replied this member.

These are a few of many instances that put a literal meaning to the phrase “The straw that broke the camels back” and might have pushed for the temporary suspension of the service.

The people who chose to make Twitch a live video blog of sorts when they should be aware that Twitch is a dedicated service for gaming content, but people deliberately partaking in profanity may have been an abuse of their right to use the PlayRoom and in doing so have inadvertantly led to others who were looking to use the PlayRoom for the intended purpose left out of the service, which is whole premise of the PlayStation 4 being a bigger “sharing” experience.

For now, the suspension of the PlayRoom on Twitch is indeed a sad start for the PlayStation 4 and hopefully Sony and Twitch will work a way to avoid this in the future so that a repeat instance doesn’t hamper the experience of other people wishing to take advantage of the service.

Source: NeoGaf (1) & NeoGaf (2) & CVG

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