Saints Row IV PC Players Can Download Thank You Pack

It appears that Saints Row IV has released another free DLC pack, after the massive success of the GAT V DLC which coincidentally was also released on the same day as Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA V for Consoles). A new DLC pack has been available and free on steam, calling itself the “Thank You Pack” and coming with a rather odd description, it appears that a certain company is trying to say “we’re sorry for prematurely releasing a patch”

Saints Row IV PC Players get yet another DLC Pack for free.

The latest addition to the PC Version of Saints Row IV comes as the “Thank You” Pack.

The odd description of the pack is as follows: (Taken from the Steam Store)

As a thank you for your support of Saints Row IV, please accept this free outfit pack which should be construed in no way as an attempt to get back into your good graces following a prematurely-released game patch.


I wonder if the above is trying to refer to THIS incident.
While the gesture comes off as kind, it is good for a developer to acknowledge their mistake and make amends to them, even if they are trying to be coy about it.
The latest DLC pack is a PC exclusive and probably (for the time being) will not make an appearance on any of the other platforms via their distribution medium.
What do you think about this move from a developer? Even though the attempt to add humor to the act does make the DLC seem more apologetic in nature, do you believe that developers should accept blame and make amends to their players? Should some big companies also follow the same route and learn when to take a moral high ground? I am looking at two large companies in particular, you know who you are.
Source: Steam Store

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