PlayStation 4 Sells Million Consoles in Single Day, New Records Set!


Headlines were made today when the PlayStation 4 had been confirmed to have been sold in bulk across the NA! One million consoles were sold in a small period of one day, why is this important you ask? It is the first console in a VERY long time to be able to achieve this record! But Where we have good news, bad news is not far behind with many complaints of defective units becoming more common than working units, but at the end I am sure all will be sorted out.

1 Million PlayStation 4’s have found a new home! Some may be going back to be replaced.

The PlayStation 4 broke a record today when it sold a million units across the NA markets, why is this so significant? According to this table from NeoGaf forums, it is (for the moment) the first console to achieve this feat amongst other consoles who didn’t even reach the million goal in a month span at their time of launch!




Even I was taken a back by the table until I realized that the table doesn’t show the launch prices for each console which potentially could have been the reason that the sales had been hampered (ESPECIALLY true for the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3) but since Sony made such a vulnerable and comfortable price point for the PlayStation 4, it was no wonder the goal was now possible for most.

Shuhei Yoshida is definitely pleased with the result as his tweet proudly declares!


As you can see, today has been a roller coaster ride for PlayStation fans, where there have been good and bad tidings for people to go with.

I am now waiting with great anticipation to see if Microsoft will be able to match the record or not, all eyes are now upon them!

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