PlayStation 4 Bundle including PlayStation Vita Coming Soon?

The PlayStation 4 and the PlayStation Vita come together to make a winning combination, with many great titles inbound for the PlayStation Vita with Tearaway being among the latest additions to the system and how the marriage between PlayStation 4’s remote play with the PlayStaiton Vita make a stellar combination for someone who has both consoles and wishes to get the most utility of their investment.

Considering all the love Sony is showing for the consoles, and the latest ads portraying these features and more otherwise known as, “The Best Way to Play”, ad’s that have become pretty viral around the release of the PlayStation 4, could it be possible that Sony is working on bundling the PlayStation 4 and the PlayStation Vita in one amazing price with many other goodies packed in to entice the PlayStation fans waiting out to buy a console and break the wait cycle for the consoles to come down to $299?

Considering that the PlayStation 4 has already made a name for itself with breaking a Million console sales in a single day, it wouldn’t be surprising to discover that the company has more surprises in store for us.

A PlayStation 4 that comes with a PlayStation Vita would be a winning competition and something to help encourage people who are holding off for the price fall to just give in and buy the deal, especially if Sony throws in a good price and other goodies like a year subscription to PlayStation Plus.

While currently this is completely pure speculation and of course can’t even be called a rumor, it can still be assumed that such a deal might be possible considering what Senior Product Manager, Ben Law has to say about the consoles short-term future:

“We’re really excited for Vita as we move into Christmas,” said senior product manager Ben Law.

“We’ve got a great campaign with key messaging around new releases like Tearaway, the ever-growing game catalogue and the Remote Play service.”


What do you think of the likelihood of this PlayStation 4 Bundle happening?

I was wrong, now it’s very likely to happen! we just need an official announcement, a price and proper bundle deals!



UPDATED: Here is a full picture


Source: MCV UK 



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