Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII Demo is Available in Japanese PSN Store

Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII is a conitnuation of the story of Lightning, this is perhaps the first time in the history of the series where more than one protagonist has been cosntantly used, after Lightning being a protagonist of Final Fantasy XIII, a passive role in XIII-2, she appears to be making a comeback in Lightning Returns FInal Fantasy which by all accounts is said to be the best in the series.

Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII Demo is Available in Japanese PSN Store as of rightnow and you can even buy a DLC for only a 1000 Yen.

The tweet that reveals the availability of the game on the Japanese PSN Store and the demo is only a meager 1.7GB of download which in modern times is relatively small!

This tweet shows some DLC already available for Lightning Returns

These tweets show that the demo is early on the PlayStation Store, a similar case happened with Puppeteer and many other games when their demos launched earlier on the Japanese PlayStation store as opposed to the NA and EU PlayStation Stores.

While the game is currently out in Japan and will have a release date in EU and NA in February 2014, you can expect the demo to be on your nearby PlayStation Store by that time, in the meanwhile, if you have a curious itch to see how the game fares, I suggest you give the demo a try!

it is very unlikely that they will make a separate demo for the territories, so why wait out for a demo when you have one readily available to download?

Source: Twitter

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