Intel Thunderbolt Controller; Broadwell Thunderbolt-LP Detailed

Thunderbolt and USB have been rivals since the formers advent. While USB always wasn’t the fastest of the two, but with USB 3.0 becoming more norm, and the ever increasing popularity of USB Thunderbolt sure is taking hits. Fortunately still, Thunderbolt is still faster than USB 3.0 with the former churning out 20 Gbit/s, and the latter 5Gbit/s. Furthermore Intel’s upcoming plans for Thunderbolt technology strengthens it further against USB.


Although met with resistance such as USB 3.1 (which will take a while establish in the market), and stringent validation and licensing barriers on its end. Intel is pushing Thunderbolt connectivity to be more standard and competitive. According to Vr-zone, Intel is looking to include features found in USB and Ethernet, and improving the already existing Thunderbolt controller in it’s next years Thunderbolt controller aka the Broadwell Thunderbolt-LP. Some of which include, transfer of data between computers using a straight connection and the ability to charge devices.


Intel also highlights features such as power draw of it’s upcoming Broadwell Thunderbolt-LP controller, with a TDP of 1.5W, idling at 1mW and power delivery of a whooping 53W. The thunderbolt link churnes out 20 GB/s over two 10 GB/s channels, relays DisplayPort 1.2 from the system’s graphics device, and connects to the rest of the system over PCIe 2.0 x2. Ad-hoc is another big feature, which could very well upset USB a great deal. What it does is allow users to stup a peer-peer 20 Gb/s connections between two PCs, allowing users to share resources. It also gives Thunderbolt a distinct advantage over USB, because USB requires specialized cables for peer-peer connections, while a regular Thunderbolt cable is sufficient for this task.

Intel is expected to make announcements concerning Thunderbolt at CES in January 2014.

Source: Vr-zone

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