Humble Bundle Store is Now Live

The Humble Bundle is finally spreading its wings to new horizons, after the tremendous success of their weekly sales and their regular sales that offer a variety of games every few days, the humble store is now offering some amazing deals at throw away prices. These games can vary from indies to (more recently) AAA titles with Bundles such as THQ and Warner Bros. Humble Bundle sale.

To celebrate the launch, the Humble Bundle store is offering some great games at very cheap prices, the only catch is that each game comes at a fixed price, so you can’t just get the games at a “pay minimum” deal.

Humble Bundle continues to expand with their own stand alone store.

it seems that Humble Bundle is entering the world of digital retailing, where they have competitors like GoG , Steam and many others, the HB crew also put money from these sales towards charity!

Currently the games for sale on the Humble Bundle store are set to expire within ~8 hours but don’t worry, more games will replace them, and each of your purchases will also help contribute towards a charity.

While the HB Store may not boast a huge library the likes of Steam, there are still a number of quality indie games worth buying and trying out, even though you will have to pay for each of the games individually, it would still be great to support the HB team and their efforts.

Head on over to the Humble Bundle Store and take advantage of the great sales going on! you really don’t want to miss out on some amazing titles such as “Don’t Starve” and many others that are currently being offered at slashed prices.

And yes, the games will be added to your Humble account and will be able to be redeemed with Steam (given that the game is capable of doing as such).

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