GTA 5 Audio Files Point Towards Casino, Drug Deals and Many Other Goodies

In a recent update for Grand Theft Auto 5, there were a few discoveries made in the audio files that are said to contain data regarding the possibility of Casinos, Street Racing and even Drug Dealing! There can even be more activities in bound once more details are shed on it.

If all of the above are added to the online world, Grand Theft Auto Online can reach a whole new level of interaction and perhaps increase the player base significantly!

The latest update for GTA 5 Audio Files Point Towards Casino, Drug Deals and Many Other Goodies that can possibly be in the games future, considering the primary source for these are audio files in the game, it is say to say that this is definitely destined for the game and can be saved the trouble of being put through the rumor mill.

Grand Theft Auto Online is an amazing game that offers many goodies to the players and there are more bonuses to come such as heists with friends! While fans are highly anticipating the new DLC to land, there will definitely be more additions done to the game itself to accomodate more requests from the community.

A casino would definitely be a fun addition considering how an entire DLC in Red Dead Redemption was dedicated to the gambling games in the game itself,

Earlier in the month, Rockstar even said: (Taken from the source)

In mid-November, Rockstar teased plans to deliver “word on the forthcoming Content Creator, full on cooperative Heists, and GTA Online’s take on Capture the Flag – plus info on some exciting new Story Mode updates” in the near future.

So, as you can see, GTA 5 is definitely looking to gain some footing even though the new next-gen consoles have landed.

Source: MCV

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