Foxconn Had a Hand to Play in Defective PS4’s? Intern Claims

Could it be that Foxconn Had a Hand to Play in Defective PS4’s? According to an intern who did a post on a forum and came right out to claim that the PlayStation 4’s manufactured can “only be turned on at best”.

Considering that Foxconn is prone to make the headlines every now and then with their atrocious work conditions, high rates of labor suicide and being ranked as one of the WORST companies to work at in the world, it comes as no surprise that these workers bear an ill will, but why would they just tamper with Sony products when the company is known for working with bigger names like Apple?

Foxconn Had a Hand to Play in Defective PS4’s?

Foxconn has never come in the good side of the press in a long time, whenever they come up in the news it is always in the bad spotlight and it will always involve a death, a report or something that completely makes the people lose faith in humanity as a whole.

An intern over at Foxconn has come out and claimed that due to the less than satisfactory work conditions that the labor was put under, they took it upon themselves to damage a significant number of PlayStation 4’s which can explain the current rate of hardware failures in the consoles especially in the ones with faulty HDMI ports.

Here is the forum post, courtesy of the source:



Currently, Sony and many other parties involved are going through a PR nightmare in dealing with the overwhelming number of reports of defective consoles, if the workers truly had a part to play then this could definitely have a negative effect on the company and should send a strong message albeit causing a few people to be hurt in the cross fires.

Foxconn is indeed a disgusting name when the keyword “foxconn incidents” will bring so many stories to your reading board that will leave your jaw on the floor.

Considering that Foxconn is also a manufacturer for Microsoft we can only pray for no foul play when the Xbox One rolls around this coming Friday.

Source: Corrupted Cartridge

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