EVGA Prepping GTX 780Ti KINGPIN Edition; Features 6GB VRAM And Unlocked Voltage

The GTX 780Ti a couple of weeks ago, following up on the announcement, EVGA along with their in-house overclocker KINGPIN are working to unleash the most fastest GPU in the world aka GTX 780Ti Kingpin Edition. EVGA has impressed on countless occasions with their ‘Classified’ product line and the new ACX cooler designs. In comparisons to that, the GTX 780Ti KPE will be in a league of it’s own. Before you start wondering, the GTX 780Ti KPE is not an attempt at a dual-GPU card.


The new card borrows traits from the ACX cooler designs with a few updates, including carbon fiber touches on the sides of the shroud, a red base plate and a new backplate with the K|NGP|N logo embedded on it. The card is closely designed with K|NGP|N, and is likely to feature some beastly overclocking features. The cooling will be carried out by two separate aluminum heatsinks, interconnect via heatpipe layout.


The GPU will feature the same GK110-425 B1 chip found in the stock GTX 780Ti. So you might ask, what’s so special about it? Well, the card packs 6GB of VRAM, no TDP limit and unlocked voltage. Certainly a dream come true for every enthusiast. The GTX 780Ti lagged behind the AMD R9 290X in terms of VRAM space, but it seems the problem is more or less solved. The GTX 780Ti KPE could prove to be a major blow for AMD, whose AIB partners haven’t announced a custom design R9 290 since it’s launch.

With this many features, there is bound to be a hefty price tag, and this already looks like something of a ‘collectors edition’. We don’t have the pricing of the card yet, but expect something in the $800-$1000 price point. The card is expected to be unveiled in December 2013. A great way to end a year, don’t you think?


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