Cynogen Inc Confirms New ‘Hardware’ Partner

Android users and fans are well aware of Cynogenmods name, the most popular custom ROM developer went corporate a couple of months ago with Cynogen Inc. A Cynogen Installer app was launched on the Play Store along with a CM centric phone, Oppo N1. The Oppo based phone comes with an option of being entirely CM centric with it’s tweaks and such. But it seems, the Chinese manufacturer isn’t the only working on a Cynogenmod centric phone.


According to a recent Google+ post, it seems Cynogen Inc has yet another hardware partner besides Oppo. Although we’re quite in the dark as to which it is.  ”We’re not quite ready to lift the veils”, says the official page of Cynogen Inc. The rumor mill talks about names such as Sony, Huawei and HTC as possible OEM hardware partners, but it’s still not confirmed as to which is it.

Regardless, this could prove to be a good step ahead for Cynogen Inc, their custom ROM is available on almost every device and users love to use their ROMs, carrying with them much necessary tweaks. With the diversity and performance offered by CM, there’s no doubt about it the upcoming phone will sell among the people, and even more so if it’s form a popular OEM such as HTC or Sony. It could also help the said companies increase their market share a great deal, ‘killing two birds with one stone’.

We’ll let you know as soon as we find out about the upcoming CM based phone, or as soon as the rumor mill comes with something credible.

Source: Google+

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