Crash Bandicoot to Make a Comeback?

With the launch of the PlayStation 4, is it entirely possible for Crash Bandicoot to make a comeback? Ever since the glory days of the PlayStation 1, we have lost contact with the legend that helped make the PlayStation 1 a memorable console, while the PlayStation 2 days weren’t as great, it was still great to see the fan favorite make a comeback.

In a sudden turn of events, every trace of Crash Bandicoot and Activision has disappeared like a puff of smoke, the official Crash Bandicoot site and even mentions of Crash on Activisions website have completely vanished without a trace.

As someone who thoroughly enjoyed the Crash games on the PlayStation 1 and has been repeatedly disheartened by the lack of Crash Bandicoot games that have been in the mix for the previous generations, it will be good to see the icon make a comeback.

According to a lot of reports, many elements pretaining to Crash have gone off the radar, any ties that Crash and Activision shared seem to have been erased. The official site is down and even Activision (the people who acquired the IP several years ago and despite Crash not making an appearance in SkyLanders or PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, fans were still not deterred and kept holding optimism of the return of their childhood icon.

While I am overjoyed by the possibility of the possible return of the IP, I can only hope that Naughty Dog plays a prominent role in the development rather than what happened to the 4th Sly Cooper game where the reins were taken away from Sucker Punch studios and handed over to Sanzaru games (not that the game was bad or anything) but the charismatic and enthusiastic attitude that people know and love Crash Bandicoot can only be done by Naughty Dog, and after the studios work on the Uncharted series and The Last of Us, I would gladly wait patiently for a new Crash Bandicoot game.

Do you think there is still time for Crash to make an HD comeback? I know I am!

Source:  Reddit

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