Bioshock Triple Pack is a Deal You Shouldn’t Miss

The Bisohock series has always had an impact on the audience that chose to indulge their time into the series, with the first getting many accolades and making a name for itself, while Bioshock 2 was a whole lot of mixed reviews, the series was saved by Bioshock Infinite which is synoymous with being in development for a pretty long time and had gone through a plethora of changes before gracing the previous generation consoles and the PC earlier this year.

The Bioshock Triple Pack which is on sale at amazon right now is a deal which you can NOT afford to miss out on. At only $14.99 for the trilogy with steam activation, you would only be able to get a close enough deal on Christmas!

Explore the murky depths of Rapture in Bioshock and Bioshock 2 till your ascension to the skies of Columbia in Bioshock Infinite, a game that made a name for itself in many aspects and won the hearts of many players.

Even though the game had gone through what is called a “developer nightmare” and it is common knowledge to all who followed the development of this game about the number of changes, delays and set backs that the game had to go through before getting a release.

If you have missed out a chance to play the trilogy or the most of it, now is the chance to make up for it. The Bioshock Triple Pack offers you Bioshock, Bioshock 2 and Bioshock: Infinite for the price of $14.99 which is a HUGE saving from the original price.

The bundle is available digitally and so you are saved the trouble of shipping, not to mention that the games can be activated with steam so you can add more games to your bundle without breaking the bank!

You can avail the deal by going Here

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