Lobo is First Character Based DLC For Injustice: Gods Among Us

Injustice: Gods Among Us will soon be upon us, and while the fans are excitedly buying the game to help put their fighting skills to the test so that they can best their friends and other competitors in not so friendly rounds in the old arena. While the character DLC has been pre-announced for the game and the season pass will net you 4 new characters, the first of these will be the infamous DC Universe Bounty Hunter, Lobo. Currently the only media available to help support this is a promotional image but of course we all know how this always turns out.

Lobo is First Character Based DLC For Injustice: Gods Among Us, The Gun for Hire is coming back.

Lobo has been a popular character in the world of the DC Comics, making his video debut on the kids TV Show, Superman: The Animated Series, and from those few episodes we were able to ascertain the abilities of the famous Bounty Hunter such as Super Strength, Lots of Stamina, Durability, Superhuman sense of Smell, immortal and of course, a superior intellect.

loboAs you can see, Lobo is indeed the first of the three DLC characters and I am sure that many fans will take this with utter excitement or just plain content. I just hope that the next batch of DLC characters are just as exciting and unexpected, The way NetherRealm studio put Freddie Krueger in the world of Mortal Kombat was completely unexpected and took many by surprise!

Currently this is only a promotional image and of course will still have to be labeled as a “rumor” but promotional images do always tend to be right on the mark for the most part.

Now the only wait that we will have to go through will be the official announcement to follow along with his demonstration video.

Would you welcome the bounty hunter or wait for someone better?

Source: AllGamesBeta


  1. Yourstruly

    We need Martian man hunter, and to finish the teen titans from the show we will also need starfire and Beast Boy….. i can only hope.

    Posted on April 19, 2013
    • RoAoM

      I am hoping for Beast Boy too, But I hope that the last character of the DLC is completely unrelated to the universe as well as an amazing player, like Freddy for MK9. I hope they do the same in this game again. Martian Man Hunter could be a possibility but I wouldn’t be so optimistic about Starfire.

      Posted on April 19, 2013
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