Latest Injustice: Gods Among Us Trailer Shows the Features

Latest Injustice: Gods Among Us Trailer Shows the Features, the game has been receiving a lot of media, it appears that NetherRealm studios just can’t stop showing video after video of this amazing game, but now its time for them to put all their cards on the reveal all the confirmed features of the game, while the trailer shows stuff we have already seen before such as multi-tiered arena’s and interactive backgrounds, there are still a few new surprises that await the fans who have been out of the loop. We see online play, King of the Hill and even S.TA.R Labs make their way to the final cut!

Latest Injustice: Gods Among Us Trailer Shows the Features, The fight for justice will cost you $59.99!

It appears that Netherrealm studios is over anxious about frequently releasing media about Injustice: Gods Among Us, the studio has continued to give the game the VIP treatment with their own weekly mini-series called the “Injustice: Gods Among Us Battle Arena” which has reached very far since its starting only a few weeks ago.

Now, we see the reveal of the final features of Injustice: Gods Among Us which include:

  • Interactive backgrounds (in each of the levels too! This should definitely be fun)
  • Multi tiered arenas (Bored of the current setting? Let’s see who is the first to change the setting)
  • Multiple skins (The standard of any fighting game)
  • S.T.A.R Labs Missions (Comes with 240 Missions out of the box with more on the way! INCLUDING Red Sun if you pre-order from GameStop! 10 Missions for each in-game character)
  • Online Play (Again, a fighting game need)
  • King of the Hill (A very interesting game mode from Mortal Kombat makes a return)

As you can see, Injustice: Gods Among Us truly looks like a marvelous game. I am just hoping to the see the final roster of characters before the release of the game on April 16th for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Wii-U. The demo is currently available on the PSN / XBL Marketplace but sadly no demo for the Wii-U version is available.

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