Intel Core i5 Haswell Chip Benchmarked And Pictured

Intel’s Haswell platform has leaked numerous times over the course of some months, we got to see specs and details of the platform, but real-life benchmarks and chip leaks were still far from the rumor mill. Not anymore. An Intel Haswell Core i5 processors has been pictured and thoroughly benchmarked by ChinaDIY. More details after the break.


The Core i5 Haswell chip in question is far from the real thing, it’s actually an engineering sample. The new Haswell processors is based on the new 22nm 3D Transistors technology. The sample in question is quad-core affairs, also packing four threads. It’s not multi-threaded, since it’s a Core i5 branded CPU. The leaked Core i5 chip was working on a base clock of 2.6 GHz with Turbo Boost 2.0 enabling it to hit 3.0 GHz. The CPU in idle state operates at a frequency of 800 MHz, which in turn improves it’s power efficiency over Ivy Bridge alot since its predecessors idle’d down to 1600 MHz. The Haswell chip has a TDP of 84W, the CPU-Z picture although shows 83W, it could be a fault with the software. The sample comes with 6 MB of L3 cache and an HD 4600 series integrated graphics chip. It should be noted that the site was using Intel’s Z87 motherboard for the run, model and details however were not revealed.


The new Haswell Core i7 and Core i5 CPU’s come with new and improved overclocking options such as BCLCK and FSP adjustments. The Haswell parts also support a massive memory overclock of DDR3-3200 MHz. The temperature of the Haswell Core i5 chip remained at a steady 33C under ambient temps of 18C while at load they hovered around the 50 – 52C mark. Keeping in mind the stock Intel cooler used, these are pretty good numbers.

The Haswell GT2 “HD 4600″ graphics core on the Haswell Core i5 processor has 20 Execution units, 2 ROPs and 4 TMUs. Making it a significant improvement over it’s Ivy Bridge predecessor. Although it feels short of the flagship Haswell GT3 ‘HD 5200’ iGP, which ships with BGA desktop parts only. The core clock for the GPU is maintained at 400 MHz at idle and 600 MHz in load while the memory runs at 800 MHz. You check out the benchmarks of the iGP in the pictures.

Intel Haswell CPU/IGPU Becnhmarks:











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