EB Games Pre-Order For Battlefield 4 Reveals Commander Mode

Last month the famous Canadian Retailer, EB Games, delivered on their promise of giving fans a Battlefield 4 pre-order customers an exclusive dog tag that also talked about the game’s release date on one of their leaked posters. A new EB Games poster has made its way to the internet and shows the presence of a new game mode called “Commander Mode” the description of the mode sounds pretty vague but if Air Superiority mode in Battlefield 3’s End Game DLC has taught us anything its that we should always approach this kind of content with an open mind.

EB Games Pre-Order For Battlefield 4 Reveals Commander Mode, Official details still a miss.

Battlefield 4 is definitely one of the high tier titles being developed by DICE and after the momentous success of Battlefield 3, the studio will surely carry over the popular items that made the predecessor a smashing success.


Big thanks to BF4 Central for the poster!

For now the poster confirms the return of Battlelog, Battlefield Premium and a “better” single player campaign. The new addition to the poster however reveals a new game mode called “Commander Mode”. The details on the poster are as follows for the mysterious mode:

Rank up into the seat of the brand new Commander Mode and lead your team to victory.

The description is pretty ambiguous but it is clear that the Commander seat is only meant for one player, but how the mode will work is still the bigger mystery.

I am going to keep an open mind about the game mode as it does sound very tempting and sounds like it could help make the inner strategist inside all the players rise up to the occasion. Battlefield 3 was indeed a marvelous experience on the PC and was definitely the greatest installment in the series after a very long time, I just hope that Battlefield 4 won’t disappoint but I am sure that it can’t.

What do you think Commander Mode will be like?

Source: BF4 Central

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