Durante’s DSFix for Dark Souls PC Works Wonders on Halo 2 for PC

It is no secret that Dark Souls on the PC was an absolute mess of a game on the launch, a member of NeoGaf forums going by the alias of Durante, had developed a fix which significantly boosted the looks, performance and many other issues with the game that the players were facing, it’s no secret that this fix of his is what propelled the sales of Dark Souls on the PC and was able to make the PC version stand apart from its console cousins, who would have thought that the same fix for Dark Souls would work wonders on Halo 2, another port made for the PC back in November of 2007.

Durante’s DSFix for Dark Souls PC Works Wonders on Halo 2 for PC, You might want to give this game a second chance now.

Durante’s work has succeeded past Dark Souls as another NeoGaf member going by the alias of wwm0nkey, applied the same fix for Dark Souls PC unto Halo 2 and was able to yield better results, he was able to have free access to adjusting the resolution and unlocking the framerate. He reports that the game now has the potential to go as high as 120+ FPS!

The procedure for making the fix work is simple, all you have to do is download the fix for Dark Souls from Here, put it in your Halo 2 folder. You will then have to click on DSFix in the folder, don’t worry about the plethora of options before you as you will only need to tick 4 of them.

-Set your internal rendering resolution higher if you wish but if not keep it the same as your normal desktop resolution

-Set your Display Width/Height to your normal Desktop resolution

-Under Window & Mouse Cursor Options enable Borderless Fullscreen

-Then at the very end Force Windowed mode

You are also free to play around with the FPS Unlocker option as you deem fit, but of course I would highly recommend it.

Now that you know that such a fix is available for a game which is nearly a decade old now, will this make you dust off your copy of Halo 2 and give it another go?

Here is a screenshot of the game running on 1600×900, you have to admit, that it does look a LOT better.


I wonder which other games the “DSFix” will be applicable to, for now I am happy to find this and will definitely be giving Halo 2 another chance on better performance.

Source: wwm0nkey on NeoGaf.

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