Saints Row 4 Confirmed, Coming This Year With Trailer Inside

Saints Row 4 Confirmed, Coming This Year With Trailer Inside. Saints Row 3 was an absolutely amazing game on every level, it was a hilarious interpretation of GTA IV that truly threw the regular rules of sandbox action / adventure games out the window, where in GTA you work your way from rags to riches you worked your way from riches to filthy richness in Saints Row the 3rd, Sadly THQ went bankrupt earlier and Volition had been auctioned off to a buyers market and was picked up by Deep Silver studios. The trailer will give you just the right idea of what insanity is in store for you.

Saints Row 4 Confirmed, Coming This Year With Trailer Inside, Same city but bigger mayhem!


Saints Row 3 was a well perceived game and really made a name for itself and the series, Just because THQ went down under doesn’t mean that the name died with it too. Volition studios are still in development of the title and this time the publishing will be done by Deep Silver studios. Currently the game is scheduled for the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC coming this August 20th for US and August 23rd for the rest of the world.

The description of the trailer shows that the Saints have a much larger target this time around, they aren’t simply going to stop at their hometown but are planning on taking teh biggest seat in the office residing in the White House. That is a quite ambitious aim but if Saints Row the third taught us anything its that you just don’t mess with the saints!

The trailer is full of hilarity and some truly amazing moments that shows the same silliness in the previous game is still present in the sequel. I just hope that the game is able to surpass the expectation set by its predecessors.

Oh and did I forget to mention? Your saint will have superpower and other awesome abilities now! HOW CAN THIS GAME POSSIBLY GET ANY BETTER?! But on a serious note I believe that the super powers in the trailer is attributed to the “on-hold” DLC titled “Dominatrix” that the studio had kept for themselves instead of releasing it for Saints Row the Third.

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