NVIDIA Updates GPU Roadmap With ‘Volta’, Featuring 1TB/S Bandwidth and Stacked DRAM

NVIDIA announced something very interesting at the GTC 2013 conference. It nothing hardware, software or anything but actually a new GPU roadmap. If you’re wondering why is it so special, navigate down to find out just how interesting it is.


NVIDIA unveiled a new GPU roadmap, which in-turn unveiled their next-generation Maxwell and Volta GPUs planned for 2014 and 2016 respectively. Maxwell was first announced back in 2011 and was scheduled to succeed Kepler in 2014. The Maxwell GPU’s will be based on a new 20nm manufacturing process and as the roadmap states, it will feature unified virtual memory architecture. The new architecture will allow for sharing of both system and GPU memory. The unified architecture will be a major leap and will bring significant performance increase. It will also allow for NVIDIA to allow their GPU’s to easily utilize up to 5 or 6GB of memory. Sony’s new Playstation 4 also uses a similar architecture but we expect NVIDIA to refine it to a more advanced level.


Making it’s debut is the new NVIDIA Volta GPU, which is set to succeed Maxwell in 2016. The NVIDIA Volta based GPU’s will feature the new ‘Stacked DRAM’ architecture along with an impressive 1TB/s memory bandwith, which itself is a massive leap. Current generation GPU’s including the GeForce GTX Titan feature 288GB/s memory bandwith, so you can imagine how powerful the Volta based GPU’s will be.

Now if you’re wondering how on earth NVIDIA will achieve such a big milestone. Current GPU’s are limited by memory bandwith which in turn leads to performance compromises. The new Stacked DRAM architecture will eliminate this flaw by stacking packages of DRAM on top of each other on the GPU die, allowing the GPU to directly communicate with them, leading to the 1TB/s memory bandwith on next-generation NVIDIA GPU’s.



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