Intel X99 Chipset For HEDT Platform In The Works?

With Intel’s Haswell and Ivy-Bridge-E platform nearing their launch, interesting rumors are starting to pop up all over the place. The latest bit by Tweaktown indicates possibility of a successor to the X79 chipset currently powering Intel’s Sandy-Bridge-E processors.


Intel prepping a successor to the X79 chipset comes as an astounding piece of info, considering everything pointed for a recycle of the chipset with Ivy-Bridge-E. The X99 chipset which is not yet confirmed will succeed the X79 chipset and will power Intel’s upcoming Ivy-Bridge-E platform. The motherboard will use the same LGA 2011 socket allowing compatibility with Sandy Bridge-E CPUs. But that’s not all of it, Tweaktown also claims Intel might scrap the Ivy-Bridge-E platform all-together and instead launch Haswell-E processors this year. I know, it sounds crazy considering Intel’s two months old roadmap marked the release of Ivy-Bridge-E processors during Q3 2013. We can’t say for sure how much truth Tweaktown’s report holds. Only time will tell.


Additionally, Tweaktown also brings along some believable info along the crazy ride. Tweaktown reports that Intel will reveal their Z87 Haswell motherboards on Computex. Possibility remains that some manufactures might just showcase them at the CeBIT 2013 starting from 5th March. Intel’s upcoming 8-Series Lynx Point based motherboards have already been thoroughly detailed along with their Haswell CPU counterparts. Although it is to be noted that the Z87 Haswell motherboards would be the last socket based motherboards from Intel. With the launch of Broadwell in 2014, Intel will completely transition from LGA socket based processors to BGA packages. BGA would seriously limit any upgradeability of motherboard or processors due to the CPU soldered on the motherboard itself.

BGA packages will certainly be a ‘new’ to Intel. But we can’t help but wonder if it will be successful or not, considering today’s pace we’d say otherwise. There is always AMD to rely to as they have promised to support socket based processors for quite sometime. The upcoming Richland based APU’s also look quite promising. It is still too early to draw out conclusions. Only time will tell how well Intel or AMD fare.

Source: Tweaktown


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