Hideo Kojima Slips Up and Reveals His Connection to The Phantom Pain

Hideo Kojima Slips Up and Reveals His Connection to The Phantom Pain, gamer conspiracy theorists rallied in celebration today as we finally got the moment we were all waiting for, Hideo Kojima decided to upload a picture of a trailer but Hideo didn’t take into consideration the name of the file and of course the cat is now officially out of the bag as our suspicions that Kojima / Konami and “Moby Dick Studios” are all one and the same thing.

Hideo Kojima Slips Up and Reveals His Connection to The Phantom Pain, He would have had gotten away with it too, if it hadn’t been for those meddling tweets.

Kojima can run, he can hide and he can play dumb for as long as he wants when various people would ask him his involvement in the Phantom Pain or Moby Dick Studios, but it appears that now Hideo Kojima has given us all an early surprise as he reveals his true identity and that he has indeed got a connection to the Phantom Pain.

He was eager to tweet the following picture but unfortunately made a fatal error.


Do you see the connection? here is the same picture but larger.

tppIf you look at the top left of the screen carefully you can see that the following video is titled: “TPP_GDC2013_710P_ESRB”

As we all know, TPP is currently only possible with one title




so there you have it folks, the mystery has finally been busted and the cat is finally out of the bag, maybe now Kojima will drop the act and go back to being himself and giving us some proper details on The Phantom Pain at GDC later this month. For now I am just glad that he was finally able to be caught in the act, whether he did this intentionally or accidentally is a mystery but he did it none the less.

In an earlier interview between “Joakim Mogren”, CEO of Moby Dick Studios and Geoff Keighley, the CEO did confirm that more details regarding The Phantom Pain would be revealed at the upcoming GDC. Let’s hope the wait is worth it.


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