God of War: Ascension Mystery Painting Solved, Teasing New God of War Game?

God of War: Ascension Mystery Painting Solved, Teasing New God of War Game? Upon the release of God of War: Ascension a few fans had discovered a mysterious painting in the game that said some mysterious text. And of course the internet had assembled and put their talents to work, after days of waiting it appears that there is now a solution to this perplexing puzzle and the answer to it leaves a teaser of a sort and possibly talking about a new God of War game.

God of War: Ascension Mystery Painting Solved, Teasing New God of War Game? Is Sony working on a new God of War Game already?

The mysterious painting that was making many scratch their heads has finally been cracked. A mysterious painting makes an appearance in Chapter 14 of God of War: Ascension and has the following text inscribed on it. (Taken from GameTrailers)


Of all the prophecies I have seen, this one haunts my dreams.
The full truth of this nightmare yet remains hidden. – Aletheia

As you can see this is indeed very tricky, but never underestimate the power of various super powers on the internet and their combined efforts. IGN has already uploaded a video showing the mystery being cracked and before you watch the video I highly recommend that those of you who haven’t yet finished God of War 3 should stay away as it contains some major spoilers.

For those of you who just want to cut to the chase and want to know what the painting reveals, the painting simply reveals the message of

“When the Earth stops, The Journey begins.”

This is a very open ended sentence but of course this type of message being hidden in God of War: Ascension can mean a few possibilities with the strongest speculation being a new God of War game on the PlayStation 4. Sony wouldn’t be foolish enough to NOT release a PlayStation without a God of War Game ever since the reveal of the title on the PlayStation 2.

My guess would have to be that Kratos becomes so powerful that he simply kills the laws of Physics and stops the world to annihilate all forms of life and later on look back on his wrong doings in a gorgeous cinematic video.

For now I am glad that the mystery has been cracked and now all we can do is wait.


  1. Darius Buggs

    It seems more like a plug for the “Last of Us” game. That would seem to make more sense, than another God of War game. Although I do agree that PS4 does need big hits to start, like God of War, I don’t foresee it happening too soon considering the release of this game.

    Posted on March 16, 2013
    • RoAoM

      I really don’t see the earth stopping being related to the Last of Us, God of War would be a much more plausible candidate but I do hope that they retire Kratos by now. He is definitely an amazing character but the series could use a fresh face, I would like to see a new protagonist with a new setting taking on bigger and badder enemies!

      I am very sure that Sony WOULD have to have to make a God of War game on the PlayStation 4. If they are already making a new Infamous and Killzone it would be most foolish of them to not bring GoW since he is one of the biggest names on the PS now. Of course I am not saying that GoW will be a launch title but a year or two down the lane we should see it (hopefully).

      Posted on March 16, 2013
  2. Julian Celaj

    Maybe a hint for the new IP SMS is making?

    Posted on July 19, 2013

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