NVIDIA GeForce Titan Packs 512-Bit Memory Interface, Has The Same Clocks As The GTX 690

NVIDIA’s GeForce Titan has been the subject of talk and speculation over the last couple of weeks, the flagship GPU is supposed to be extremely powerful as evident by it’s leaked performance. With that said, the GeForce Titan is making it’s presence known every weeks, not officially but you get the deal. The latest bit sheds more light on the GeForce Titan.


The GeForce Titan is yet again leaked by an online retailer based in AU. It highlights the GeForce Titan better than anyone had in the past weeks. The retailer spilled beans on the GeForce Titan’s specs and they are a lot better than previously reported. The retailer has listed the ASUS GeForce Titan which was also listed few days ago by another retailer by the name of Proshop. The listing shows that the card is supposed to pack 6GB of GDDR5 memory which would run across a 512-bit wide interface rather than the previously reported 384-bit wide interface. This shows that NVIDIA has done some radical changes to it’s Tesla brand because the Tesla K20X packed a 6GB GDDR5 memory over a 384-bit wide interface. Regardless, the bump should help achieve better performance in games particularly on high-resolutions.


The retailer also mentioned the stock clock frequencies of the GPU which are 915MHz core clock with GPU boost up to 1019MHz. Essentially thought to be a K20X for the consumer market, the GeForce Titan was supposed to carry over the specifications of the Tesla based card. Keeping in line with the recent leak it’s safe to assume NVIDIA has tinkered with the GK110 GPU that the GeForce Titan utilizes. The specs than could be entirely different from what we predicted. The listing also confirms that the GeForce Titan will feature: One display port and two dual-link DVI ports, it however does not say anything about a HDMI connector. As far as price is concerned, be prepared to shell out 1,599 Australian Dollars to get one of these.

Source: Videocardz

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