AMD Richland APU Lineup Leaked

AMD has been working the APU platform for quite sometime, first announced back in 2006. AMD’s APU platform has matured over the years, no matter intuitive it was on paper the chips failed to beat their competition. AMD’s current APU department is based on the Trinity platform, no for long though. AMD will transition to the Richland lineup come Q2 2013. AMD’s Richland APU lineup consists of quad-core and dual-core offerings with a TDP of 100W and 65W respectively.

AMD’s Richland APU will be based off a 32nm manufacturing process featuring enhanced version of the x86 Piledriver architecture. The Richland APU’s would be compatible with FM2 socket motherboards fused with the A85X ‘Bolton D3′ chipset. The Richland APU’s feature compatibility with DDR3 DIMMs rated at 1866 MHz + O.C, the chipset is set to feature 4 USB 3.0 ports, 14 USB 2.0 ports and eight SATA 6GB/s devices. The leak also names the entire Richland APU lineup. The list consists of the following:

  • A10-6800K Radeon HD 8670D/ Quad Core 100W
  • A8-6600K Radeon HD 8570D/ Quad Core 100W
  • A10-6700 Radeon HD 8670D/ Quad Core 65W
  • A8-6500 Radeon HD 8570D/ Quad Core 65W
  • A6-6400K Radeon HD 8470D/ Dual Core 65W
  • A4-6300 Radeon HD 8370D/ Dual Core 65W
The A10-6800K will be the flagship Richland APU as we previously reported. It will feature Radeon HD 8670D iGP and a fully unlocked design for overclocking. Similarly the A8-6600K will be a similarly spec’ed APU but will feature a lower spec’ed Radeon 8570D iGP. TDP remains the same on both quad-core models, while there is a noticeable difference in clock speeds.
In addition to 100W quad-core models, the Richland APU lineup also consists of 65W part models. Both the A10-6700 and A8-6500 will feature 65W TDP and lower clock speeds to achieve the low-power consumption mark. While the iGP in A10-6700 and A8-6500 will be HD 8670D and HD 8570D respectively.
The Richland APU lineup consists of only two dual-core models with a TDP of 65W. Both dual-core models will feature a lower-end iGP. Fudzilla shed light on the dual-core models, with the A6-6400K coming with 192 Stream Processors based on GCN 2.0 architecture while the A4-6300 packs 128 Stream processors. Both dual-core models feature 1 MB of L2 Cache. The Richland APU lineup is currently shipping to OEM’s, mass availability of the APU’s is around Q2 2013.

Source: Softpedia


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