Singapore ISP MyRepublic set to release 150 Mbps for Gamers

For those who do not know Singapore is one of the leading places in the world for fastest internet access. 100 Mbps broadband over cable has been the norm until Fiber broadband was released just over an year ago. Almost all ISPs currently provide some form of Fiber broadband. However MyReplublic has taken the lead when it comes to Gamers offering nothing less than the lowest latency possible and uncapped international Bandwidth.

MyRepublic has announced that they will be providing free upgrade to all existing 100 Mbps users of the Gamer package in stages (by area).

Good news is yours truly already seems to be having it today! I can confirm that I have indeed hit 150 Mbps+ when connecting to Easynews content servers located in US (60-80 simultaneous) connections.

I must admit that I am one of their subscribers and since they are new I have been with two other ISPs before. I can tell you without doubt none come close to the quality that MyRepublic delivers. It is amazing to be in the single digit of ping for the entire gaming session of a Battlefield 3 Conquest on a 64 player server. The server must be given credit for this but I did not see anyone else (except for one person this once) to have a single digit ping. Surprisingly, their pricing is well matched with competitors.

Since I have switched to MyRepublic all connection woes are all but gone. I am even able to play on US servers with 180ms or less latency as well as host servers which every person who has joined has claimed is relatively faster than even the DC hosted ones. Within the APAC, you can host a local server and everyone will have a playable latency to your home server.

It is not just their service but the quality of support. I can email them, tweet them and whatever, they will always respond. MyRepublic just does did not claim to be “good for gaming”, they go ahead and do a little bit more. For example, on a gamer package, you could call them and tell them if you are having too much lag connecting to LoL and they will possibly optimize the route for you and for everyone.


Luckily I chose the gamer package which might have costed 10$ extra a month and now I get 50% extra in return. I see what you did there.

I give it a full 10/10 GamingIO approval for Singapore’s best ISP for Gamers as well as general use.
















If you are not using MyRepublic and you are in Singapore… I have nothing to say to you except ask “Why?”

If you are not in Singapore… I know you want one.

@MyRepublic: ¬†“Shut up and take my money”

Hardcore gamers and sysadmins might want to ask for a static IP (it costs additional) however I am not sure about the availability.


Feel free to ask your questions in the comments and I will try my best to reply to them or do any tests for you on MyRepublic. MTR and such things for the geeks.


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