Intel Haswell Mobile Processors Detailed – Include Three Core i7 Models

Intel Haswell Mobile processors have been leaked and detailed. The Haswell mobile processor lineup consist of three Core i7 models and are part of the Haswell M-Series for laptops and notebooks.

Haswell Mobile

Intel Haswell Mobile Processors

The Haswell Mobile processors include the Core i7-4930MX which would be the fastest mobile chip featuring a Quad Core multi-threaded design with base clock of 3.00 GHz and 3.70 GHz with Turbo Boost. The CPU comes with 8 MB of L3 cache, DDR3/DDR3L-1600 MHz support and a 57 W TDP design. The HD 4600 graphics chip is onboard the CPU die clocked at 400 MHz on the core and 1350 MHz on the memory.

The other two chips, Core i7-4900MQ and Core i7-4800MQ have a lower TDP of 47W and are similarly quad core chips with multi-threaded designs. The 4900MQ operates at 2.80 GHz upto 3.60 GHz with 8 MB L3 Cache while the 4800MQ operates at a 100 MHz lower frequency of 2.70 GHz base upto 3.50 GHz turbo with 6 MB L3 Cache. Both chips have the HD 4600 series onboard graphics chip operating at 400 MHz core and 1300 MHz memory clock while offering support for DDR3 and DDR3L Dimms rated at 1600 MHz.

The Haswell mobile chips arrive in second quarter of 2013, most probably in the month of April. The Lynx Point-LP PCH would debut alongside the Haswell Mobile processors and Lynx Point for Haswell Desktop CPUs which we have covered here.

via VR-Zone

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