Bioware Giving Free Dragon Age 1 & 2 Promotional Items

Upon the launch of Dragon Age 1 & 2 it was not uncommon for the game to come out with “pre-order rewards / bonuses” for various countries / retailers. But it seems that with Christmas drawing closer and closer the nice people at Bioware finally gave in and are giving away free DLC to celebrate the holiday spirit. You can now get all the promotional items of Dragon Age 1 & 2 on any of the platforms you wish and these are indeed some handsome items such as custom armor, weapons and a few items too. So get your free items as early as now!

Dragon Age 1 & 2 are easily some of Bioware’s better work after Mass Effect, but now they are giving back to the players.

While Bioware and EA have had a dirty habit of making promotional / pre-order items a norm with their RPG’s it seems that they are finally giving back to the community. Earlier today Bioware felt generous enough to finally give all the players the promotional items of Dragon Age 1 and 2 for people of all the platforms, be you PC  or Console gamer you simply have to go Here and get your goodies (yes you have to register an account with Bioware’s website but I assure you that some items are indeed worth the trouble)

While promotional items aren’t only a problem with the Dragon Age series but is also a big problem in the Mass Effect Series too but at least Bioware is starting to make amends somewhere, am I right? While Dragon Age itself was a great game and Dragon Age 2 was a mixed reaction of gamers with some calling game a step backwards and others calling it a great sequel you just can’t say no to free stuff can you? especially if that stuff will help make you earn some achievements / trophies more easily.

The offer is running right and may or may not have a time window so I suggest you make haste and download your bonuses pronto before the page expires.

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