Wii-U Will Not Let You Login To Other Systems; ID Tied To Single Unit

Nintendo’ just released the Wii’s successor the Wii-U, while the console boasts a good variety of launch titles, a bag of mix reviews but mostly people recommend you give the system a go it seems that fans will be disappointed to know that you won’t be able to login to multiple systems or even on other systems, your Nintendo Network ID will be tied to the original Wii-U unit. While you are able to log in and out of your PSN / XBL / Steam / Origin etc on multiple systems easily it seems this could be a blessing in disguise but could also be a hindrance to system owners. For now at least this problem is there, but in the future this will be addressed.

The Wii-U as it is won’t let you log in from a PC nor a friends console. Your Nintendo Network ID can only be accessed via the console it was created on (For now at least)

Currently the above is true to a certain extent, as the system stands right now you can’t log in to another system from your own Nintendo Network ID. You can only access the Nintendo Network ID on the system it was created on and sadly those of you who have got “bricked” Wii-U’s are out of luck at the moment are unable to use your Nintendo Network ID further until Nintendo further addresses the issue by letting you transfer your ID to a new system.

I see this is a good security measure, while account theft on digital platforms is pretty common I somehow think that this would definitely be the best way to stop digital account theft completely but at the same time limits the owner of the account to only THEIR console, if they wish to access their account via a PC or their friends console they won’t be able to do so but hopefully in the future Nintendo will add in the feature to let them do so and much more!

A quote from the source tells us: (Taken from the Source)

“A Nintendo Network Account can only be used on the console where it was created,” said the firm. “In the future, you will be able to use your Nintendo Network Account with future Nintendo consoles and other devices, such as PC’s.”

What is really troubling about this whole “lock” is that the people will damaged / bricked Wii-U’s will be stuck either twiddling their thumbs, wait for a repair or buy a new Wii-U with a temporary ID until their main Wii-U is fixed. so that they are once again able to access their accounts on the system. I certainly hope Nintendo addresses this issue as soon as possible because this is perhaps a very big let down to the consumers especially those of us who like checking on our virutal accounts over PC.

Source: GamesThirst

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