Next Mass Effect Game Could Be A Prequel?

Casey Hudson who is the executive producer of the Mass Effect series has been rather active on twitter lately and asking the fans what they would want to see in the next Mass Effect game? So far he posted the following tweet and from here on the game can either take place before or even AFTER the trilogy. Personally I would prefer a prequel.

Next Mass Effect game could take place in the past? Before Shepard even?

Considering Mass Effect 3 may not have had the best conclusion to it on the launch of the game and was later on fixed with complimentary DLC it seems like a good move for Bioware to ask the fans what they would want to see, A prequel to the back story of Mass Effect would indeed be something fans would really want as a new Mass Effect would be too predictable but maybe a prequel is just the thing to reignite the love for the Mass Effect series.

While Mass Effect 3 may have come and gone the trilogy is far from over with the Mass Effect Trilogy is making its way to the PC / XBOX 360 and more importantly the PS3 which will see the console getting the original Mass Effect for the first time, but while that cash cow is in the development process it seems that Bioware doesn’t want to stop just yet as they still have plenty of love to go around for the Mass Effect series as the series Executive Producer has taken to the tweets of fans and has asked the million dollar question of what the fans want and how they want it?

As I mentioned earlier I would be all for a prequel especially if there is a good back story to the already entangling story of Mass Effect through the eyes of Commander Shepard. And hopefully if this is indeed a prequel we will be able to play as someone else so we can get a new perspective on things.

Source: CaseyDHudson Tweet


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